First Post Title Missing Test Post

This is just a test post to confirm that the title of the first post shown in at least the index and archive primary templates of the Twenty Seventeen template goes missing.

UPDATE: It actually wasn’t a bug in the template but a erroneously used post format, i.e. Aside, which I used for the post. This post from the WordPress forums helped me figure it out. Thanks to user timethief for the hint.

Tweaking SQLite Integration plugin for WordPress 4.7.3

Using SQLite as a database for WordPress I stumbled upon a few error messages in the SQLite Integration plugin. I fixed it with the following two tweaks, which seem to fix the issue.

  • Replaced deprecated function get_currentuserinfo() with the new function wp_get_current_user() in the file .../plugins/sqlite_integration/sqlite_integration.php on line 3829 (plugin version 1.8.1). This might only be relevant for WordPress 4.5 and higher.
  • Added the line $options = array(); in line 145 right before the foreach ($compile_options as $opt) { loop. This takes care of a seemingly empty return of the get_results("PRAGMA compile_options");
    function call.

I also wrote this on the support page for this plugin in the hope that it will be included in the next update.