Getting into the Whole Agile Development Idea

Because after being absent from the development community for far too long I feel the need to get back into it, I want to do a project that should teach/re-familiarise me with the following techniques:

  1. Specifying the “requirements” in the form of User Stories
  2. Keeping a Product Backlog to collect and prioritize my ideas
  3. Using Git for version control, code management and issue tracking
  4. Using test driven development (TDD)
  5. Using a framework offering a model-view-controller (MVC) architecture (eg. Ruby on Rails)
  6. Setting up and maintaining the web server locally, offering the page via a dynamic DNS method

Especially applying agile methodologies should be fun, although for a one person project they would probably be of limited use in optimizing value in the sense of the agile manifesto. But hey, this is only for me to try out new things.