Free by Cameron Holden

In preparation for a Whiskey-Tasting night out with friends I was stumbling upon a beautiful wee poem by a contemporary Scottish poet and I want to share it here.


As the wind rolls cold of the mountain plain
As the Hindu Kush rises like skyscrapers to Gods name
But these are not my mountains and the wind is not the same
So as my plane takes off im glad im headed hame

Back to the lowlands of the South and the Highlands of the North
Those crystal clear burns lochs and mountain streams
Back to the braes and the bens and the fresh mountain snow
Back to where the thistle and the heather grow

So who is proud to be Scottish? well that would be me
And what does Alba need? She needs to be free
So people rise up against centuries of tyranny
As a unified people chant were free

Copyright© Cameron Holden from Glasgow found on PoetrySoup

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