Tweaking SQLite Integration plugin for WordPress 4.7.3

Using SQLite as a database for WordPress I stumbled upon a few error messages in the SQLite Integration plugin. I fixed it with the following two tweaks, which seem to fix the issue.

  • Replaced deprecated function get_currentuserinfo() with the new function wp_get_current_user() in the file .../plugins/sqlite_integration/sqlite_integration.php on line 3829 (plugin version 1.8.1). This might only be relevant for WordPress 4.5 and higher.
  • Added the line $options = array(); in line 145 right before the foreach ($compile_options as $opt) { loop. This takes care of a seemingly empty return of the get_results("PRAGMA compile_options");
    function call.

I also wrote this on the support page for this plugin in the hope that it will be included in the next update.

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